Eccellent Oil-Free Lips & Eyes Lash Makeup Remover

Eccellent Oil-Free Lips & Eyes Lash Makeup Remover
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Designed specifically for the use of eyelash extensions 

It is an oil-free formula that gently cleanses deep down to break up any oils or makeup residue still left behind. Leaving your lashes/skin feel squeaky clean. This formula only requires a minimal amount to use. Just a tiny drop can clean the whole eye area. It will foam up to break down residue. Rinse with a wet cotton pads. Make sure to wash all the cleanser off. Top makeup remover. You do not need to prime the lashes after using this cleanser. This cleanser is perfect to use for customers that shows up to their lash appointment with full make-up on. Retail to customers for extra income Yields up to 40-50 clients if using just for the eyes




    100% Brand New


    125ml Bottle Pump Style (Large Size)


    Helps eyelash extension adhesion & moisturizes skin around the eyes



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