300 Wispy Spike 5D/7D/9D .03/.05/.07mm Heat Promade Fans

300 Wispy Spike 5D/7D/9D .03/.05/.07mm Heat Promade Fans
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Creating textured lash sets has never been easier than with our Spike promade fan lashes. Our Spike lashes is created to achieve the sultry wispy, chunky wispy and the Kim K effect.

We suggest placing the Spikes first to set your frame work. Then apply lashes as usual. Placing the Spike on the top layer of lashes will create the most definition when client’s eyes are open. For a more natural wispy look, place Spike on the bottom layer.

These Spike are beautifully handmade by skilled lash artist. Lashes are ultra-thin and fluffy with a semi-gloss coating. Extremely hard to find heat bonded with no glue residue at base. Heat fused at base for a seamless look. Making lashes easier to separate and virtually weightless.

Each fan has a Spike lash in the middle. Spikes are made of 4 lashes (closed fans) for maximum definition. Lashes surrounding the Spikes are 3 sizes shorter.


Please keep in mind that these fans are handmade and fans will vary in shape



Item: Promade Spike Fans

Type: Wispy, Kim K Style

Material: Korean PBT Synthetics

Effect: 5D/7D/9D

Curl: C/D

Size Option: Referring To Spike Size

Spike: 4 Closed Fan

Fan: 3 Sizes Shorter

Width: .03/.05/.07 Ultra-Thin/Fluffy

Heat Bond - No Added Glue Residue To Base


Short Stem

Form: Loose

Qty: 300 Spike Fans Per Box

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