350 Loose Silk Y Lashes B Curl

350 Loose Silk Y Lashes B Curl
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Silk Loose Y-Lashes

350 Lashes Per Pot

We have improved our loose Y lashes. Now it is softer and more flexible than before. Do you have problems pulling the Y lashes off the tray? Now, you don't have to worry the lashes will split apart. Y lashes in a loose form will save you time. 

There are numerous ways to use Y'lashes. Great to have these on hands cause you never know when you'll need this type of lash. With Y-lash, applying lashes only takes half the time. Meaning that for every lash you apply, you get the look of applying two lashes.  This doubles the lashes in half the time.

Use Y'lashes to set your framework. Then fill in with regular extensions.
If a customer has a big gap in their lashline, these lashes will be perfect to fill those spaces.




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