3D Elite Silk Volume Prefanned C/D .05/.06/.07mm

3D Elite Silk Volume Prefanned C/D .05/.06/.07mm
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Price $15.99

Exquisite ELITE Silk Volume

Ultra Thin, Smoother, Softer, Lighter, Better!

Superior Quality


These lashes are used for the Russian Volume technique application 

3D: 3 lashes fanned out and glued together at the base for super fast application.

Pictures are a C curl for your reference.


3D,4D,5D & 6D lashes are super versatile. You can add any single 3D+ volume lashes or other bundles lashes to create super volume lashes.


Our ELITE silk lashes are gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!

Superior quality to any other lashes we carry.

Try our new signature synthetic Silk lashes.

Just like the name suggested, these are silky silk lashes. Lashes are smoother, softer, lighter and better.

If you love the quality of our Exquisite Mink, you will fall in love with these lashes.


These lashes are dark with a gloss luster sheen.

Smoother to the the touch. Extremely light weight, you won't even tell you have extensions on.

Flexible and curls hold beautifully.

These are indeed, very Exquisite looking silky silk lashes.



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