500 - 1,000 6D C/D .05 Heat Bond Premade Mega Volume Fans

500 - 1,000 6D C/D .05 Heat Bond Premade Mega Volume Fans
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Specializing in Hybrid and Mega Volume application, our premade fans are superior to others! Fans are 100% handmade for a natural look. Heat bond technology ensures there is no access weight on fans. Heat fused at base for a seamless look.

When using our Mega Volume premade fans, your set will be super fluffy and not plastic caterpillar eyes. Use different types of volume fans to create a personalize Mega Volume set for your clients.

Please keep in mind that these fans are handmade and fans will vary in shape



Item: Premade Volume Wide Fans

Type: Mega Volume/Hybrid

Effect: 6D

Curl: C/D

Width: 0.05mm

Qty: 500 - 1,000 Loose Fans

Material: PBT Synthetics

Heat Bond - No Added Glue Residue

Hollow Interior - Virtually Weightless

Handmade - Pinch/Wrap

Short Stem

Form: Loose

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