500 - 1,000 6D M Curl .05/.07 Heat Bond Premade Mega Volume Fan

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Specializing in Hybrid and Mega Volume application, our premade fans are superior to others! Fans are 100% handmade for a natural look. Heat bond technology ensures there is no access weight on fans. Heat fused at base for a seamless look.


M Curl: is a new line of Hybrid curls. M curl is a lift and curl all in one. The base of this lash is straight and longer than the L curl for maximum glue adhesion. The lift is similar to a C curl, and  is improved to not cover the iris of the eye. This creates definition and extreme lifting effect. The curl of the lashes lifts from the root of the eyes, making the lash look even longer than other lashes with the same length. Making the eyes more vivid and define.


When using our Mega Volume premade fans, your set will be super fluffy and not plastic caterpillar eyes. Use different types of volume fans to create a personalize Mega Volume set for your clients.


Please keep in mind that these fans are handmade and fans will vary in shape


  • Item: Premade Volume Wide Fans
  • Type: Mega Volume/Hybrid
  • Effect: 6D
  • Curl: M
  • Width: .05/.07mm
  • Qty: 500 -1,000 Loose Fans
  • Material: Korean PBT Synthetics
  • Heat Bond - No Added Glue To Base
  • Handmade: Pinch/Wrap
  • Short Stem
  • Form: Loose

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