Acrylic Lash Pallet Organizer - Hand Strap

Acrylic Lash Pallet Organizer - Hand Strap
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This pallet is perfect for organizing your size/curl for classic application or for laying your prefanned lashes for volume lashing. Dual purpose lash organizer.

Reduce your application time significantly by having your lash strips closer to your client, making the process of picking and applying lashes quicker and easier.

Lash pallet is made of durable, thin, and light weight acrylic. Holds up to 10 lash strips for all sizes.

Includes velcro elastic hand straps which allows you to position the pallet to suit you comfortably.




Lash Size Pallet: 2 Types To Choose From

Material: Acrylic

Shape: Rectangular

Size: 2”x3”Inches

Organize By: Size/Curl/Width/ Prefanned/Volume

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