EG Semi-Permanent Mascara Kit

EG Semi-Permanent Mascara Kit
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 Professional Use Only: This product needs to be applied by a certified eyelash technician only 

Everyone can agree that mascara is the fastest way to get that “wide awake and gorgeous eyes”. The problem with mascara is that it can run and smear, giving you that unattractive raccoon eyes. Even though it serves a great purpose, it can also be a hassle to apply and difficult to remove without damaging your lashes. So, what product can help get those beautiful eyes that will “WOW” everyone without all the problems that come with daily mascara? The answer is “Eyelash Glam” EG semi-permanent mascara. 

"Coating" your lashes allows you to wake up to gorgeous looking lashes for up to 3 weeks!Smear/Water ProofEyelash Glam EG Semi-Permanent Mascara Kit Last Up To 3 Weeks. Smear/Water Proof


• EG treatment can stay on lashes for up to 3 weeks with one service performed.

• Thickens, Darken Lashes

• Waterproof, Smudge-proof, Smear-proof

• Versatile Treatment – Create either a natural finish or a full volume finish.

• No Daily Maintenance perfect for today’s busy lifestyles.

• EG formula is specially designed to maintain the integrity of your natural lashes. With proper care and maintenance, you will not experience any discomfit.

• Professional only treatment offering salons instant significant profit potential

• No Misters Curing Required

• Fast Drying

• Applies smoothly in less than 20 minutes  


Mini Kit Includes:

EG Semi Permanent Mascara 7g (Formaldehyde Free)

EG Remover 20g

Pro Multi Brush (1 Body + 7 Heads) Includes tiny brushes for easier application for shorter/lower lashes. 


How to Use:

1) Attach eye pads under the eye covering lower lashes.

2) Clean lashes using eyelash cleanser.

3) Optional: Curl lashes with a heated eyelash curler for customers with straight lashes.

4) Brush and straighten lashes before application with a mascara brush

5) Apply EG Semi-Permanent Mascara using Pro Multi Brush (or single sphere mascara  brush) on the natural lashes. Brushing rapidly 2~3 times. Make sure all the lashes are coated.

6) Use tweezers to separate lashes to prevent lashes getting messy or stuck together.

7) Repeat process for darker and thicker lashes.

8) Make sure lashes are dry before customer’s opens their eyes

9) Optional: Once lashes are dried, you may apply any type of lash coating to give customers a glossy finish.

10) Mascara Removal: Use microbrush and apply EG remover to lashes. After 3-5 minutes, wipe with cotton swab to remove any mascara residue.

11) Pro Multi Brush: Brushes are reusable and can be cleaned with EG remover. 


Recommended Items To Be Purchase With This Kit:

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TBC Gel Cleanser

Single Sphere Mascara Wands


Mini Fan To Dry Lashes

Disclaimer: We resume no responsibility once you purchase this item.

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