Flexi Foam (Asymmetrical) Lint Free Gel Under Eyepads

Flexi Foam (Asymmetrical) Lint Free Gel Under Eyepads
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The Beauty Call Signature Eye Pads

Flexi Pads Asymmetrical: Lint - Free

Each Pair Is Individually Wrapped


We have finally found the perfect eye pads for applying eyelash extensions. This is the upgraded version of our Flex Foam

It is the thinnest full size eye pads we’ve come across so far. Design with flexi foam surface to create a custom fit for all different eye shapes. Extremely flexible it repositions with ease, yet holds firmly in place throughout the application process. The surface is made of a very thin flexible foam texture that is smooth. It is lint free so there is no fabric that will have to be removed later. If lashes are wet with glue while application, it will not stick to the foam surface. Most comfortable eye pads for your customers.

As an added bonus, it helps brightens the under eye area. Gel in these pads has been minimized to prevent gel from seeping into customers eyes when heat is penetrated. This dual-purpose gel patches effectively cover the lower lashes while refreshes and delivers a hydrating, brightening gel to the sensitive eye area. Pads are bigger in size to cover the whole eye zone area for a full eye treatment. These are not only functional during the procedure but also a relaxing addition for your clients. The anti-oxidant properties of Vitamin E protects the sensitive under eye area. While, Allantoin, Aloe and Glycerin conditions and moisturizes.

We are confidante that this is the only eye pads you need.

Once you use these, you will not purchase any other.


To really pamper your customers or secure fluttering eyelids.

Cut the lower part of these pads and place on lid as an added eyelid treatment.

Demonstration as pictured


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