Glue Accelerator - Instant Cure/Minimizes Inflammation

Glue Accelerator - Instant Cure/Minimizes Inflammation
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Glue Accelerator:

Size: 15ml

If you love your slow drying glue but would love it if it dries faster, than this is the product for you.
Our glue accelerator is applied to the natural lashes before or after applying extensions.
It helps to speed up the drying time of any type of adhesive/glue you are using. This process will cure the glue instantly. 
When glue is completely cured, it helps to prevent an allergic reaction or inflammation.

This product will also strip any oil residue or cosmetic build up that was left during priming.
Adds to the bonding strength of glue and helps lashes stay on longer. An added bonus!

If you apply volume lash and fan the lashes yourself, this product will help your fanned lashes stay intact.
Your fanned lashes will not fall apart cause the glue didn't dry fast enough.

How To Use:

Can be used with any type of glue
Eye's should be closed at all times

1) Prime natural lash
2) May use this before or after procedure

3) Use a microbrush/swab, apply a drop of accelerator. Brush over lashes concentrating on the top part of the natural lashes.

4) Apply lashes as usual



Disclaimer: All our liquids and glues are made of professional grade and should only be used by licensed professionals. We are not responsible for the misuse of our products. You are solely responsible for the product once you purchase it from us.

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