Glue/Adhesive Shaker Mixer - 10 Seconds

Glue/Adhesive Shaker Mixer - 10 Seconds
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Especially designed for liquids in small bottles such as nail polish, eyelash glue, tattoo pigment, etc.

Fast, easy and efficient way to mix your glue evenly.

This mixer is an elegant sleek design that is hand held and push button.

Just press the button, and wait for 10 seconds to shake the glue evenly.

The rotating speed reaches up to 25000 rpm, enhance its work efficiency.

Made of high quality ABS material, which is safe, durable and wear resistant.


As an added bonus this glue mixer includes a fan attachment. Just remove the plastic glue cover, replace with the fan attachment and it will speed up the drying time of your glue.




  • Item Name: Eyelash Glue Shaker
  • Material: ABS
  • Rotating Speed: 25000 Rpm
  • Battery: 2 AAA Battery (Not Included)


Package Includes:

  • x1 Eyelash Glue Shaker
  • x2 White Connector
  • x2 Black Glue Cover
  • x1 Fan Attachment
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