HD Volume .05/.07mm Natural 3 Size Blended Lashes

HD Volume .05/.07mm Natural 3 Size Blended Lashes
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For a natural 3D+ Volume look, try our HD Volume lashes. These lashes are gorgeous with a deep, rich black semi-gloss finish. HD Volume lashes are a blend of 3 sizes across the entire lash strip giving a textured natural look. The 3 sizes mimic the 3 stages of growth eyelashes are in at any given time. Say no to fake looking lashes, and hello to fluffy, textured, High Definition natural looking lashes! "Keep everyone guessing if their real" lash look!

HD Volume Natural lashes are packaged in trays for greater organization, speed and efficiency - 16 rows and over 5000 lashes per tray! Designed for use with Volume lash work - when picking up fans, you can grab 2-3 sizes in each fan! 

Looking for a gorgeous fluffy, organic look to your volume lashing?  These are the lashes for you! Consisting of a random mixture of three different lengths throughout the tray.



1)     Highest quality PBT synthetics

2)     3 Different sizes blended throughout the entire lash row

3)     Over 5,000 lashes per tray

4)     Creating natural 3D+ volume application

5)    Choose: 0.5/.07mm Thickness

6)     Choose lash size/length

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