Hydrogel Lint Free Gel Eyepads

Hydrogel Lint Free Gel Eyepads
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HydroGel Eye Pads

Lint Free, Flexible, Thin

Each Pair Is Individually Wrapped

This eye patch is designed with a special surface made specifically for the use of eyelash extension. Very thin and flexible makes it easy to adjust. Just enough gel to secure the eye area without it being shifted during application. Hydrogel eye patch is formulated with Vitamin A&E & anti-oxidant to protect skin layer from damages caused by free radicals. Retino powerful anti-oxidant is clinically proven to improve collagen in the eye area. Hydrogel is intensified moisture and active ingredients that will deliver staight into the skin for a youthful appearance. This eyepad has a light fragrance that will soothes and mask any odor that your strong glue may give off.


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