Mini Diamond White Facial Mister Steamer

Mini Diamond White Facial Mister Steamer
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Sleek & Elegant Design

Curing Glue:

Diamond Cooling Mister spray is a high-tech instrument that helps accelerate and solidify the polymerization (curing) of the glue to the lashes in just seconds. It can also be used as an efficient care system by moisturizing the skin and is recommended after each eyelash extension application.


Optimizing the polymerization (curing process) to prolong the life span of the eyelash extensions

Our adhesives/glue for eyelash extensions are powerful cyanoacrylates. These cyanoacrylates start polymerizing rapidly when in contact or close to water; even humidity by itself is enough to activate the reaction. Of course, eyelash extensions cannot be put in water directly or come in contact with big drops of water for the first few hours after the application as it will leave an unwanted residue on the lashes; however, due to the nano diameter of the particles of our mister, you can now accelerate the curing process and improve the bonding power by simply spraying gently over the eyes for a few seconds on each eye. Making sure to move the mister so the lashes doesn’t get wet but misted. Spray for about 25-30 seconds for both eyes. Curing glue is perfect if you use glue with strong fumes. This mister also soothes and relieves any irritation caused by strong glue fumes.


Not only will the lashes stay on for a longer period of time, it also means your client will be able to shower or wash their face with in 24hrs.

The Ionization Process:

Ionization is the action of removing or adding charges to an atom or a molecule with an electric current. Tiny water particles become ionized and their nano size allows them to be absorbed deep in the skin.

Once it is filled up and ready to use, the mister produces an extremely fine ion-filled mist that penetrates deep into the skin. Since the particles produced have a much smaller diameter (0.312-0.625 nanometers) than those of a regular facial spray or popular skin care product, the pores of the skin absorb the liquid much more efficiently instead of evaporating, even reaching the last layer of the epidermis (stratum basale) which allows for a fully rejuvenated and moisturized skin. Our mister also ensures that the makeup will stay in place, for a perfect look that lasts all day long!

14ml Water Tank Capacity

Nanoscale Hydrating

Ultrasonic Vibration Technology

Requires: x2 AAA Batteries


Other Uses:

Hot & Dry Area

Long Plane Trips

Dry Red Eyes

Dry Skin


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