Mystique Instant Volume Fanning: Double Layer

Mystique Instant Volume Fanning: Double Layer
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Mystique double layer lashes for Volume lashing


Mystique lashes are a game changer in Russian Volume application!

Fanning lashes has never been easier with these lashes!

Mystique lashes will give a full volume, high definition fluffy effect for all your client’s that love a little “Lash Drama”!


Mystique lashes come with twice as much lashes per lash tray. There are two layers of lashes on very row. Each row has two different curl and length sizes situated top of each other.


These individual lashes are NOT prefanned. You have to fan lashes manually. Due to its’ layering technique, you are able to grasp multiple lashes and it will instantly create a volume fan. Grasp both layer at once and you will see how easy it is create 3D-8D volume fan lashes. Might take a little practice but it's extremely easy once you get the hang of it.

With this technique you are able to fan and work at a more efficient speed than you normally can with a regular volume lash tray. Customize your fan to give your clients a one of a kind “Lash Drama”.



Mystique Lashes:

Feature: Instant Volume Fanning

Lash Type: Individual

16 Rows: 2 Layers Of Lash Per Row

Curl: 2 Curls Per Row

Size: 2 Size Per Row

Thickness:  0.07mm

Color: Black

Material: PBT Synthetic 

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