Pearly Pink Russian Volume Tweezers: 3 Pce Set

Pearly Pink Russian Volume Tweezers: 3 Pce Set
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Our eyelash extension tweezers additionally have been designed with maximal surface area on the contact end, for ease of use when gripping and holding extensions.

Our tweezers are crafted from the finest surgical stainless steel available.  Our collection of precision tweezers includes the most popular styles that every lash technician should have. All tweezers come with their own protective sleeve.

These high quality stainless steel tweezers help eliminate finger, wrists and hand fatigue. Give your hands, fingers and wrists a much needed break from the constant pressure of pinching closed tweezers. Our tweezers is lightweight and offers an exceptionally fine point for precise accuracy. 


Features: 3 Piece Set

Tweezer Style: Hook, 45 Degree, Pointy Needle Nose,

Color: Pearly Pnk

Tweezers: Short - Hook & 45 Degree - 4.5", Needle Nose 5"

Usage: Volume, Eyebrow Extensions, Express Flare, Real Mink Applications
Packaging: Plastic Bag

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