Silicon Film Ultra-Thin Pads (No Gel - Sensitive)

Silicon Film Ultra-Thin Pads (No Gel - Sensitive)
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Ultra-Thin Silicon Film Eye Pads

Silicon film ultra-thin pads have no gel which is perfect for clients that is sensitive to the gel formula. These pads fit perfectly under the eyes to cover the whole eye zone area. Bottom surface has enough stickiness so pads will cling to the skin and will not move or shift out of place.

Made of ultra-thin silicon film, this pad is extremely comfortable to wear. Pads are lint free and are pure white in color.

Also perfect to use for eyelash perming or tinting.


Remove the hard plastic backing from pads to use. 

Material: Silicon Film

Color: Pure White

Pads: No Gel Lining

Size: Regular Full Size

x1 Pair Per Packet



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