TBC Prep Lash Primer + Gel Remover Set #1 Customer's Choice

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Sold Over 100,000 Units: This is our best selling set!


 Primer 15ml

The primer is used to prep and disinfect the lashes. Strips off any trace of protein, dirt, oil, make-up and etc.Anything that was left on the eyelashes. Because of these factors that prevents the extensions from bonding properly. There will be a barrier preventing the glue to adhere completely to the natural lash. With this product you can eliminate that problem.This is eyelash extensionist best kept secret.

Clients eyes should be close when applying primer.

Use 2 microbrush and lightly clean the lashes.

Should take 2 seconds to dry.

 Apply extensions as usual. 


Gel Remover 15ml

This gel glue Remover is rank as the best adhesive remover on the market. Extremely gentle on the eyes and only requires a minimal amount. Save time and cost with this remover. Contains Aloe and Vitamin E and is gentle yet extremely powerful! It nourishes the natural lashes as it effectively dissolves the adhesive bond, effortlessly removing the extensions.
The thicker gel consistency is a non-drip formula that reduces the chance of the remover leaking into the client's eyes.

50+ Application

With our Gel Remover, a little goes a long way


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