TBC Pure Hydrogel Lint Free Flex Foam Eyepads

TBC Pure Hydrogel Lint Free Flex Foam Eyepads
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TBC Pure Hydrogel Eyepads:

Designed for the use of eyelash extensions. These eyepads are lint free with a smooth texture. Made of flex foam technology for easy reposition. Eyepads has just enough Hyrdgel formula to penetrate deeply into the skin and helps keep pads in place during the eyelash procedures.

Benefits: Pure Hydrogel soothes and hydrates underneath the eyes leaving skin firmer and tighter. Reducing the appearance of wrinkles and puffiness. With added special ingredients such as Aloe Extract to promote growth of new cells. Vitamin C helps stimulate collagen.



Color: White

Material: Flex Foam

Shape: Comfort Curve

Ultra Thin

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