The Beast Volume Glue

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  Package Label: The Beast Or Volume Glue

Russian Volume lash application is very popular among our customers. Apply 3D-9D multiple extensions onto one natural lash using this ultimate Volume lashing new glue from Max2 brand.

This glue is especially designed for customers that apply Russian Volume application. It is the ultimate Volume glue. They have combined their two infamous glue: the Maxi Power & Maxi Speed. The bonding strength of Maxi Power and the speed of their Maxi Speed glue. 

Glue has amazing bonding strength that will last the entire lash cycle. This glue has very good viscosity that is perfect for Volume lashing. This glue is the fastest drying glue on the market. Almost instant bond. You must be an advance technician to use this glue. Once you place your extensions, there is no room for errors. It will stay bonded for the life of the natural lash. The best thing about this glue is that it is flexible when dry, it does not contain latex to achieve its’ flexibility.

The Beast glue is not limited to just Russian Volume applications. You may also use this glue for classic eyelash extension applications. The Beast glue is superior quality glue that can't be found elsewhere!


  • Manufacture: Max2
  • Color: Black
  • Tech Level: Advanced
  • Estimated Bonding Strength: 5-6 Weeks (Russian Volume Technique)
  • Estimated Bonding Strength: 4-5 Weeks (Classic Technique) 
  • Viscosity: Liquid Type
  • Setting Time: 1-2 Seconds (depending on work temperature)
  • Fumes/Irritability: Low 
  • Feature: Flexible, No Blooming
  • Magic Ball: Steel Ball Inside Bottle For Even Mixing
  • Store In Cool Dry Area: No Refrigeration Required
  • Professional Use Only
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