Vinyl Stickers

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Vinyl Film Lower Lash Eye Stickers 

Please Choose If You Want x10prs Or x50prs

1 Sheet = 10 prs

5 Sheet = 50 prs 

When customers eye's are sensitive to the gels in the eyepads and eyepads are not an option.

There is no gel lining or adhesive to irritate customers with delicate skin.

These stickers are recommended for the most sensitive customers.

The stickers will just cling to the skin.

Stickers will adhere well to the skin and can be reposition with ease without any tension to the skin.

Use these stickers to isolate and secure the lower lashes.

Stickers can be used alone or to trap fuzzies and covered over with a gel pads for an eye treatment.

These stickers are curved to fit the contour of any eye shape and precut for your convenience. 

A very economical way to save money. 

We carry many different types of stickers for different preferences.



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